How to offer Email Coaching - A Beginner's Guide


Shortcut your learning curve with a fast-track guide
to email coaching basics.


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A short online course to provide a Quick Start Guide to becoming an email coach.

Whether you are…

• new to coaching and feel more comfortable with the email format
• or an established coach looking for more flexibility and freedom
…knowing how to offer email coaching can open up some wonderful new possibilities for your business and your life.

In this course, I share the tips, insights and precautions that took me almost a decade to learn - so that you can enjoy the benefits of this uniquely flexible and freedom-friendly coaching format.  

PRICE: £111

Lesson 1 - The Right Foundation

Lesson 2 - Getting Started

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Introduction to Lesson 2

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Lesson 2

Exercise #2

Lesson 3 - Connecting with First Clients

Introduction to Lesson 3

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Lesson 3

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Exercise #3

Lesson 4 - Behind-The-Scenes

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Introduction to Lesson 4

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Email Coaching - Best Practices

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How Email Coaching Works

Email coaching graphic
The Benefits of Email Coaching

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Designing Email Coaching Packages

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The Marketing Mix I LOVE

Lesson 5 - Taking Action

Introduction to Lesson 5

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Lesson 5

Exercise #5

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Email Coaching - Case Study

Bonus Material

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Tech Toolkit

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Guidance for Next Steps + Graduation Gifts 💝