Creativity Coaching Starter Kit

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A perfect introduction to the principles and experience of creativity coaching. 



Designed for creatives seeking more clarity, inspiration, progress and flow, this short course will help you discover the benefits of creative support & the magic of a holistic approach. 

Includes a range of tried-&-tested coaching tools (usually reserved for private clients), as well as exclusive self-coaching techniques that can help you enjoy more flow, inspiration, clarity and progress in your creative life. 

This is for you if…

• You are craving more progress, productivity or momentum with a particular creative project or vision

• You're seeking more clarity, purpose, meaning and fulfilment in your life and your work

• You'd like to uplevel your creative life in healthy, easy and delightful ways

• You're ready you to take action towards your goal but you're not quite ready for private coaching


✨  An exclusive collection of proven coaching tools and self-coaching techniques.

✨  Your own private membership area in a beautiful learning portal. 

✨  Lifetime access to the material, including future upgrades. 

✨  A Q&A opportunity to get your Burning Question answered and receive personalised coaching.

✨  Bonus Resources to support your momentum and continuing progress.

PRICE: £33

(Or FREE with Creative Well Membership)


Getting Started

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The Tune-In-&-Trust Challenge

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Any Given Tuesday

Starter Kit Sleep Tip edit
My No1 Holistic Creativity Tip

The Benefits of Knowing & Doing Your Thing

Next Steps...

A 2-second Test for When To Invest


Your Starter Kit Bonuses will be released over the next couple of weeks. 

You'll receive an email notification when they're ready. 

Or if you can't wait, you can access everything when you upgrade to All Inclusive

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