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    • The Rudder Board: Day 1
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    • The Rudder Board: Day 2
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    • The Rudder Board: Day 3
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    • The Rudder Board: Day 4
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    • The Rudder Board: Day 5
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    • Bonus: How to Keep the Faith
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    • Further Creative Adventures
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The Rudder Board: Day 1

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Welcome, welcome !

Thank you for joining me for The Rudder Board ecourse.

I designed this short but powerful process to help you enjoy more focus and productivity – and the lovely sense of inner calm that comes with them.

Over the next 5 days, we’re going to harness the power and soul-soothing bliss of clarity.

We’ll be exploring;

what matters to you

what you dream of

what you value

and the important work you’re here to share with the world.

My mission is to liberate you from any spirit-sapping anxiety about what you should be doing, and steer you beyond the time-consuming confusion of feeling lost and rudderless.

Because as ‘spiritual millionaire’ T Harv Eker says;

t harv eker clarity quote

Giving some thought to the questions in this course will help you 

• enjoy easier decision-making 

• align your life with the creative potential you’d love to express. 

So let’s begin.

Your Day 1 workbook is available in your Course Materials (below). 

It’s an editable pdf, so you can complete it on your computer or device. (I recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Please ensure you download the pdf before you input your answers, to avoid losing your musings to the mysterious ethers of the internet.  

If you prefer to print out your workbook and complete by hand, you can also access a printer-friendly version.

And I’ll see you back here same time, same place tomorrow. 


DR circle

PS If you get stuck or have any questions or lovely breakthroughs*, feel free to hit reply to any of your course emails or leave a comment below. I’m always happy to help. 


* I especially love to hear about those. 


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