The Creative Faith Collection


Help with the tricky business of keeping the faith...


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This collection of lessons, posts and resources on the topic of faith will help you discover just how potent a creative force it can be.

A bespoke selection of insights and tips for enjoying a deeper faith in your own creative work and all areas of your life. 

This is for you if…

• You know what actions to take, but doubt or lack of confidence is keeping your stuck

• You’d love to believe in yourself and your work more fully

• You want to boost your optimism and expectation for things to work out in your favour more often

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The Creative Faith Collection

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summer woman journalling notebooks midyear review
Faith & Creativity

Faith as a Success Magnet

high swing
The Tipping Point of Faith

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Relax & trust

light tunnel
Miracles & Self-belief

Two Simple Surrender Practices

inner calm lotus small
Cultivating Creative Confidence

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The Faith Check-In

Faith, Gratitude & Miracles

How to believe Life Loves You

Bonus Resources

A selection of reference tools and bonus resources will be released over the first two weeks of your course. 

Once they are all available, I hope this will provide a soul-soothing touchstone that you can return to whenever you feel the need for a faith pick-me-up. :-) 

Mastermind Remedies for Faith & Patience

keep the faith ebook mockup wide
5 Tips for Keeping The Faith

the dip faith path
The Magic of Uncertainty