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The Nature of Ideas

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Hello, .

This post is a lovely insight that I stumbled upon this summer, as I was relaxing in my garden. (I've noticed that this activity is a prime location for good ideas to arrive!) 

It brought so much peace to my creative heart that I couldn't help but share it on my blog. 

And I share it here because I feel it helps to remove some of the pressure and force we can sometimes feel around keeping the faith. 

It turns out, that we don't have to do all the work - there are powerful forces at play that we can align with and simply ride the wave as they run their natural course. 

Welcome to my favourite insight about what ideas do naturally, and the potential inevitability of success...


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• • • 

how your creative success can be inevitable the power of ideas blog genevieve behrend



As the sunshine has finally arrived in my little Yorkshire hideaway, I’ve been enjoying my Summer Work Mode – ie lots of lovely reading in my garden. (The joys of Life, By Design…)

And there’s an insight from one book in particular I’d like to share with you, as I feel it will help you enjoy more peace, calm and confidence on your creative journey.

(Or as I like to call that lovely, quietly powerful mindset; calmfidence.)

The book I’ve been diving into this week was Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend.

Genevieve was the only student of metaphysical thought leader, and author of one of my all-time favourite books, Thomas Troward.

Given that Troward’s work sparked a major epiphany in my life a few years ago, you’d think I’d have explored this book sooner.

Even more bafflingly, it had been on my bedside table for a number of weeks before I finally picked it up.

Obviously this student wasn’t quite ready for Teacher Genevieve to appear.

But happily I must have graduated, because I began reading this small-yet-mighty book this week, and one idea completely blew my mind, sparking such excitement and soul-soothing relief that I couldn’t not share it with you.

So, if you’d like to take advantage of my (not so) arduous labours studying this gem from my Satellite Office, here’s the insight that found me…

favourite insight invisible power genevieve behrend

The favourite insight from Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend

The idea that lit up the possibility lightbulbs in my mind was a foundational idea from Chapter 2, in which Genevieve waxes lyrical about the Great Architect of the Universe.

Her revelation, almost in passing, was this;

It is the nature of ideas to come to life.

At first glance, that might seem simplistic and even a little obvious.

(Though I’ve noticed that these aspects are very often the hallmarks of the muse.)

But what hit me about this concept was the aspect of inevitability.

That ideas, by their nature, grow and expand and manifest in our physical reality.

You most likely have experience of this – maybe you’ve planned a party or a meal or a holiday, and what began as a single idea grew over time, until it began to take on a life of its own and eventually appeared in your life.

This is what ideas do. Automagically!

It is their nature to manifest.

We may fuel the process with attention and focus and perseverance, but the idea itself has a force within it that naturally grows until the idea is complete in some form.

tulips & books

What I love about this insight is that it can help to take the pressure off our contributions to ‘make the idea happen’.

It creates room for us to let the idea grow on its own – knowing that that’s what ideas naturally do.

As Genevieve shares; the force behind the idea literally will not stop until it finds a vehicle for its expression.

An idea, once born, will just keep going until it makes its way into the world!

This felt like a huge relief for me as a creative – realising that I don’t have to micromanage the entire process of bringing an idea to life, that the idea itself has a creative force that willingly, naturally, even eagerly contributes to the process.

So, I hope this idea also helps you to relax a little about any big ideas you have been trying to manifest, knowing that it’s not all down to you to figure it all out.

“Nothing can prevent your picture
from coming into concrete form,
except the power that gave it birth
– yourself.”




However… (The Caveat)

There is a caveat to this natural order.

According to Genevieve and her tutor Thomas Troward, this principle is subject to conditions, such as aligning with the good of the whole and the positive evolution of humanity. (Can you see why I love these authors? :-))

And there’s another force that can get in the way of an idea naturally doing its thing – our ideas of the opposite.

This may help to explain past results if not all of your ideas have effortlessly manifested before your eyes.

Admittedly, this is the tricky bit – which is why so much of my work is designed to help you create the right conditions to bring your creative dreams to life.

But happily, just by knowing the nature of the process, we can take more of the right steps in getting out of the way of our idea’s natural progress, and allowing the inevitable fruition that is inherent in any idea.

As long as we don’t sabotage its sterling efforts with stronger notions to the contrary, we get to enjoy a lovely sense that success is inevitable – a mindset that has a power all it owns. 



It is the nature of ideas to manifest.

They keep going until they find a vehicle for their completion

{ Unless we block them with contradictory ideas
or more attention to their opposite. }

• • •


So, I hope this will give you some food for thought about how those visions in your heart and soul have their own agenda to come to life.

It is their nature.

Under the right conditions, coming to life – literally – is what your beautiful ideas will naturally do.

As to the specifics of the forces behind this natural process, I’m still refining my theory – though I’m noticing an increasing number of other creative minds who have already have spotted the magic available

For example, I’ve always loved this line from the soundtrack to my youth…

“Life has a funny, funny way of helping you out.”  



I hope you’ll enjoy playing with this theory, maybe even experiment with it for yourself, and enjoy more lovely feelings of inevitability around the ideas that matter to you.

It will enable you to harness what I call Relax-&-Trust Power, aka faith – that legendary mountain-moving creative superpower.

And I hope you enjoy as much relief in this prospect as I have – the lovely soul-soothing notion that we don’t have to figure it out or make it happen on our own.


Dive Deeper...

If this idea ignites your curiosity about the universal laws of life, or you’d like more on the role of metaphysics in the creative life, I wrote more about my Thomas Troward-inspired epiphany here:

The Divine Nature of Our Creative Spirit (Inspired by Thomas Troward)

Or if you’d love to live from this worldview but need some help with integrating it fully, much of the Your Creative Dharma journey is designed to help you install that liberating and life-enhancing foundation.

divine source of creative spirit thomas troward





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