The Creative Faith Collection


Help with the tricky business of keeping the faith...


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This collection of lessons, posts and resources on the topic of faith will help you discover just how potent a creative force it can be.

A bespoke selection of insights and tips for enjoying a deeper faith in your own creative work and all areas of your life. 

This is for you if…

• You know what actions to take, but doubt or lack of confidence is keeping your stuck

• You’d love to believe in yourself and your work more fully

• You want to boost your optimism and expectation for things to work out in your favour more often

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The Creative Faith Collection

Welcome to this series, ! 

You'll find my collection of hand-picked resources below - all designed to help you enjoy more faith in yourself, your work and your life. 

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I recommend pacing yourself to one topic per day, to give you time to assimilate the ideas and begin to see how they could play out in your life. 

Then, when you are ready for another dose of guidance, check back in to select another topic. 

There are 11 topics to support you over 11 days if that is a good rhythm for you, but you have lifetime access to the material, so please feel free to take your time. 

Trust that you'll progress at the perfect pace for you. 

I also recommend using your intuition to make your choices. 

This approach will in itself help you build self-trust and faith in your internal guidance system - which is why you’re here. :-) 

And if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me. 

Enjoy the collection! 


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The Creative Faith Collection

Two Simple Surrender Practices