Mid-Year Review & Renew


Focus. Shift. Retreat. Advance. 

Maximise the lessons & blessings of the year so far.

Optimise your life for creative success throughout 2023 and beyond.

NOTE: 2024 Edition available in May 2024


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This short virtual retreat will help you to recalibrate and restore, in preparation for the second half of the year – helping you identify the lessons and reap the blessings of the last six months, to inspire you in mapping out your vision for the future.

This is for you if…

• You’d like to take some time to assess where you are, what you’ve achieved, and where you want to go next

• You’d like some support in boosting your confidence, clarity and inner calm

• You’d love to feel more positive about the past and more inspired about the future

PRICE: £55

(Or free with Creative Well Membership)

Part 1: Review

clarity diamonds
Day 2 : Diamond Hunting 💎

star glitter and lights
Day 3 : Victory Lap 🏆

finishing Champagne small
Day 4 : Cork-popping time! 🍾

heart lights in sand
Day 5 : Values Check-In 💞

Part 2: Renew

laptop desk window yellow notebook
Day 6 : Goal-setting... with a joy-flow-ease twist. 💫

laptop lifestlye freedom beach chair
Day 7 : Heaven is... 🤩

Follow Your Bliss woman
Day 8 : Retreat Time ⛲️

aloe vera plant notebooks sunshine
Day 9 : Appreciating Assets 🙏🏻

two champagne bottles confetti stars blue bg
Day 10 : Party Time! 🥳 (Almost...)

Bonus Material

sunset hot air balloons
Bonus : & finally... Let it all go. 💫 (And expect miracles.)

the rudder board product mock up laptop table copy
Bonus : The Gift of Clarity 💎

success magnet formula product laptop mug pencils banner
Bonus : The Success Magnet Formula 🧲