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Day 1 : Two Words... 🌟

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Review Practice #1 : What's working? 

Today's task is to ponder this simple two-word question: 

What's working? 

Open a fresh page in your journal, or set up a dedicated list in your chosen app, then brainstorm all the things that are already going well in your life.

That's it! 

Make an initial list of whatever comes to mind as you give this question some thought, but also, keep pondering it as you go about your day - and update your list accordingly. 


If you'd like to fully maximise the potential benefits of this exercise, for each item add the following info; 

"I love and appreciate this because _______" 

This deeper layer of focus has many benefits for your general health and happiness, but it will also help you to make clearer decisions later in the process. 

So, feel free to play with this extra level if it appeals to you! 

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Go Deeper...

If you're curious about the power behind these two magic words, I wrote about it here.

Reading the post will help you see the ways this question can help you enjoy more confidence, clarity and inner calm - both in your creative work and across all aspects of your life. 

It's a potent little question! 

You'll also discover one of my favourite made-up words... ;-) 

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