Your Creative Dharma


A joy-based journey to career clarity for purpose driven creatives.



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Imagine if what you love to do, is what you're meant to do.

And imagine if life is waiting to support you...

According to the ancient concept of dharma, you have unique gifts that the world values and needs. 

This online course is designed to help you find that success sweet-spot, express your gifts, and enjoy the journey of your life. 

This is for you if…

• You’re craving clarity, confidence and progress in your career and purpose

• Your fondest wish is to make a living from your creative passions

• You know you're meant for a more successful life, and you want to start enjoying it ASAP

PRICE: £111

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Week 1 - Clarity

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Welcome Message

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Why. What. Now.

The 1st Principle

You are a Powerful CoCreator

Exercise: Designing Your Creative Dharma

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The One Question

Week 2 - Power

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The 2nd Principle

potters wheel
The Phases of Creative Belief

sharpen pencil
Exercise: New Lines

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Week 2: Recommended Reading

rainforest trees
Getting Your Mind On Board: Techniques

empower blossom small
Getting Your Mind On Board: Tips

trianglular spiral staircase
The 3 Core Beliefs

staircase lights
Core Belief #1: I Can

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Core Belief #2: Life Loves Me

AdobeStock_hands of light
Core Belief #3: Success Is Good

Week 3 - Joy

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The 3rd Principle

Wheat sky Annie Spratt
Exercise: Feel The Joy

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Frequency Matters

Week 3: Recommended Reading

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Conditions to Thrive

glass roof blue sky
Blueprint Refresh

Week 4 - Success

cobblestone path
The 4th Principle

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Joyful Expression

Joyful Purpose

Tulip bouquet
Exercise: Finding Lost Clues

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Joyful Success

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Clearing The Way To Success

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Week 4: Recommended Resources

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Exercise: Your Joyful Success

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Joy Power - Part II

Week 5 - Momentum

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Your Creative Dharma Blueprint

scribble heart
The 5 Fs Formula

tim-stief-mountain lake
Notes for The Journey

Week 6 - Next Level & Bonuses

How To Be Luckier

ismail-niyax-sunset boats
Exercise: A Visionary Version of Our Favourite Question

jakob-owens sea light rainbow
Glimmer Spotting